Mountain Rose Bordoodles

Reserving A Puppy

1) Fill out a Puppy Adoption Application.

2) We will review your application within 24 hours and provide an approval for those whom we believe can provide the highest level of potential happiness, love and safety for their puppy.

3) Submit a $300 deposit (after approval).

4) Once your application is approved and you have submitted your $300 deposit, you will have 3 Options Available:

  • Choose any available puppy (those advertised “available”) from any litter.
  • Commit your deposit to a specific litter from which you will choose your future puppy once available. Those who commit their deposit to a specific litter will be placed on a list of depositors for that litter. Once those puppies become available for selection at 7 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks), all depositors who are committed to that liter will select their puppy in order, which is determined according to the time and date of commitment to the litter.
  • Have your name placed on our Master List of Depositors for the opportunity to secure a top pick from a future litter. 

5) Once you have selected your puppy, you’ll have the opportunity to pay the balance owing on your puppy... and for training too, if applicable. You can pay by credit card or you can send us a check. When paying by credit card, a 3% processing fee is added to the final amount owing. Payment is due immediately after you choose your puppy.

*Only those people who have had their Puppy Adoption Application approved and placed their $300 deposit are given an opportunity to adopt a puppy from Mountain Rose. Your deposit is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed. Switching litters or puppies once you have committed is not allowed. If you do not select a puppy from a litter in which you are committed, your deposit will be forfeited. Exception: If there is NOT a puppy available for you on your chosen litter (ie - mother dog whelps less pups than expected), you may switch your deposit to another existing litter or future litter, or you may request refund of your deposit. Upon finalizing the purchase of your puppy, you will receive a 100% credit of your deposit towards your puppy purchase leaving a balance of $2,200 owing on your puppy.

How To Reserve Your Bordoodle Puppy