Mountain Rose is a Family Cooperative

Richard & Becky Poppe (Owner's of Mountain Rose)

Professional Dog Breeders & Trainers

Owners of Ginger, Lil, Flower, Daisy, May, Valentine and Ruby (Finn & Dash too)

Tiara & Jonothan Tucker (Our daughter and son-in-law)

Owners of Sophie, English and Jasmine

Brittney & John Johnson (Our daughter and son-in-law)

Owners of Meg, Shasta, Bleu & Penny

Colton and Christina Hall (Our son and daughter-in-law)

Owners of Copper, Scotch, Cheri and Jess

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Professional Training with 25+ years experience

Managing Trainer: Richard Poppe

Veteran Trainers: Jonothan Tucker, Colton Hall, John Johnson

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Mountain Rose Bordoodles Grand Children
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Our family lives on a small farm/ranch in Portage, Utah. This beautiful area of Utah consists of ranchers, farmers and some good ol' regular folk. Portage is near the Utah / Idaho state line. We are also lucky enough to live near our adult children and their growing families... 19 grandchildren and counting. We are further blessed to have their full-time involvement in our lives and the lives of our amazing dogs. 

We are proud to have previously bred and professionally trained purebred Border Collies hailing from elite bloodlines out of Scotland, just 2 and 3 generations back.

Now, after having the wonderful opportunity of being introduced to the Bordoodle breed by our niece and nephew, we absolutely fell in love with Bordoodles!  We are now completely engaged in raising the highest quality and arguably the most intelligent dogs in the world. 

We take great pride in owning select dogs possessing notable bloodlines with a strong history of good health and long life.  Our dogs are smart, lovable and rare. They enjoy a wonderful life without "kennels" here on our little farm/ranch consisting of cows, horses and magnificent Bordoodles.

Because our dogs are an integral part of our family, they receive ample love and plenty of attention.  They accompany us on various activities around the property throughout the day. They just love our other animals... and even love our grand-kids who visit daily! Our dogs love to go with us on rides in the truck and hiking in the mountains. They are a true joy and a loving part of our family!

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