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We understand that there are people who would prefer to adopt a fully trained young adult Bordoodle, as opposed to a puppy. Because Bordoodles will easily bond to those who love them (at any age) , we enthusiastically provide fully trained young adults when available.


Because we also operate a full service TRAINING FACILITY, we hand select certain puppies from our litters to be specifically trained and made available at the age of 5 to 6 months of age. These special dogs live in the homes of our trainers and receive lots of attention, love and TRAINING. Because we are limited to just  3 to 4 dogs at any given time, we suggest that if you would like to adopt a superbly trained young adult Bordoodle that you complete our Puppy Adoption Application. Upon the completion of your application we will contact you to discuss your needs and our upcoming schedule. Please keep in mind that those young adults that do appear on this page usually sell very quickly. So, if you see one of our fully trained young adults on this page, we advise that you act quickly.

Fully Trained

Our young adult Bordoodles are house trained, kennel trained, leash trained and will obey all basic obedience commands.... SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, NO,  OKAY & HEEL. 


Our adoption fee for our fully trained young adult Bordoodles is $5,500, unless otherwise agreed. 

Finn (dad)

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Finn Prized Poodle

Young Adult Bordoodles For Sale

Fully Trained Young Adults

Prince (6 Months old)

Prince is a beautiful F1 Bordoodle. He is a real sweetheart and is fully trained in all basic obedience commands. Prince is one of our small-medium size Bordoodles. He has a wonderful silky soft coat and is non-shedding. As an adult he'll weigh about 30 lbs. 

Tory (mom)

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Adopted 12/19/2017

Smokey - Adopted

Adopted 1/9/2018

Midas (dad)

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White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn
Ginger Border Collie


Puppy Training

Adult Training

Tory (mom)

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Tessa - Adopted

We will have TWO (male and female) "Miniature" young adult Fully Trained

 F1b Bordoodles coming up ready for adoption on January 29th 2018.


If you want to adopt one of these well trained Bordoodles, we advise you to fill out an application and place a deposit right away. Our trained Bordoodles usually go quickly. You can also contact us for more information about these two dogs. Contact Us     Adoption Application

Smokey (7 Months old)

Smokey is a beautiful F1 Bordoodle. He is a real people lover and has the best personality. He's easy going and so so lovable. He's great around children and very forgiving. He'll be a very loyal and obedient dog for the family lucky enough to adopt this great dog. Smokey is a Standard size Bodoodle and will weigh between 65 and 70 lbs when fully grown. 

Ginger (mom)

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Adopted 12/20/17

Tessa (6 Months old)

Tessa is a beautiful F1 Bordoodle. She very lovable and stable temperament. She is also very resilient and forgiving with young children. She will make an ideal addition to any family with children, or to anyone who wants the "perfect" friend! Tessa is a Standard size Bodoodle and will weigh around 50 lbs as a full grown adult dog.

Finn (dad)

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Prince - Adopted