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We have two more fully trained Bordoodles coming available soon.

They'll be available and posted here on August 25th 2018.

Current depositors:

The following people have reserved the right to select a puppy from upcoming FULLY TRAINED young adult bordoodles. Depositor #1 will choose first, then #2 and so on.  If , when its your turn to choose, you elect to NOT choose a dog at this time, your name will go to the bottom of the list where you will be able to eventually choose again from future fully trained young adults.

#1  Yingling (Colorado, USA)

#2  Schoen (California, USA)

#3 ___________________________________

#4 ___________________________________

#5 ___________________________________

*If you wish to be on this list, please fill out an application.

Adult bordoodle

Midas (dad)

About Midas

Poodle Midas

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Bordoodle Sophie
Trained adult Bordoodle

Codi (boy)

Codi is SIX months old, Standard size F1b Bordoodle (non-shedding). He is fully trained in all basic obedience commands. He is also house/potty trained. Codi is waiting to join an amazing family full of love and joy.

Expected adult weight: 45 lbs

Current weight: 35

​Born: February 7, 2018

We understand that there are people who would prefer to adopt a fully trained young adult Bordoodle, as opposed to a puppy. Because Bordoodles will easily bond to those who love them (at any age) , we enthusiastically provide fully trained young adults when available.


Because we also operate a full service TRAINING FACILITY, we hand select certain puppies from our litters to be specifically trained and made available at 6 to 7 months of age. These special dogs live in the homes of our trainers and receive lots of attention, love and TRAINING. If you would like to adopt one of these great dogs, please fill out a  Puppy Adoption Application. Please keep in mind that those young adults that  appear on this page usually sell very quickly. So, if you see one of our fully trained young adults on this page, we advise that you act quickly.

Fully Trained

Our young adult Bordoodles are house trained, kennel trained, leash trained and will obey all basic obedience commands.... SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, NO,  OKAY & HEEL. 


Our adoption fee for our fully trained young adult Bordoodles is $4,400, unless otherwise agreed. 

I've Been Adopted

Midas (dad)

About Midas

Trained Bordoodles For Sale

Fully Trained Young Adults

Sophie (mom)

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Bordoodle Puppy

Adopted 7/30/18

Sophie (mom)

About Sophie

​​Mika (girl)

Mika is SIX months old, Standard size F1b Bordoodle (non-shedding). She is fully trained in all basic obedience commands. She is also house/potty trained. Mika, is waiting to join an amazing family full of love and joy.

Expected Adult weight 40 lbs

Current Weight: 32 lbs

​Born: February 7, 2018