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Sierra ( Girl )

Adopted by the Kern family


Photos and Video @ 6-Weeks

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Border Collie - Portrait of Daisy

​​​​​​Daisy's Bordoodle Puppies

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All puppies have found their forever homes!

Stud Poodle
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5 Puppies - Born 11/07/20

​1 Boy | 4 Girls

Litter Video @ 6-Weeks

01/02:  Pups go home or start training

Bordoodle Puppies With Mother Dog

Gila ( Girl )

Adopted by the Hahn family

Wasatch ( Boy )

Adopted by the Bhaumik family

Uintah ( Girl )

Adopted by the Isaacs' family


F1 Bordoodle Puppies

Projected Adult Size: 28-35 lbs


Ready to go home 01/02/21

Puppy Reservation List

The people listed below are approved depositors and have secured an opportunity to choose a puppy from this litter.

Hahn - Chooses "Gila"

Kern - Chooses "Sierra"

Isaacs - Chooses "Uintah"

Guerra - Chooses"Cascade"

Bhaumik - Chooses "Wasatch"


Puppy Videos @ 6 Weeks

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Skipper (DAD)

About Skipper

Cascade ( Girl )

Adopted by the Guerra family

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Daisy (MOM

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