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 We enthusiastically provide healthiest puppies on earth!

  • ENS program beginning at 3 days of age. Learn More
  • De-wormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age.
  • First vaccinations administered at 7 weeks of age.
  • Health examination by a licensed Veterinarian. 
  • Certificate of good health issued by a licensed Vet.
  • All puppies are Micro-Chipped for easy identification by Vets, Humane Society and animal welfare institutions.  Learn More
  • All of our puppy parent's hips and joints have been professionally evaluated through OFA and are rated "Good" or "Excellent". Learn More
  • All of our puppy parents have been DNA tested for genetic disorders common in canines. Learn More

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Puppy ​​​Socialization

The price for a Mountain Rose Bordoodle puppy is $2,500 regardless of size, color or gender. 

*See special pricing on Fully Trained Puppies

Early Neuro Stimulation

Bordoodle Puppies For Sale​​​

​​​Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), also known as the "Super Dog" program, was originally developed by the U.S. military for the purpose of giving puppies a head start and distinct advantage throughout their life. In Summary, the program improves cardio vascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. Mountain Rose is proud to implement the "Super Dog" program with all of our puppies.  Learn More


Upcoming Planned Litters

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DAD: Midas

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Shasta & Scotch

Size: Medium | Type: F1  ( See Definitions )

Puppy ​​​​​​Health

MOM: Shasta 

Mia & Midas

Size: Medium | Type: F1  ( See Definitions )

MOM: Mia

Volhard Testing


Available​​​ Puppies

The two litters advertised below are available for immediate adoption. These special pups have not been previously advertised or offered to anyone other than right now

DAD: Scotch

Are your seeking to adopt the perfect Bordoodle puppy? If so, we may have the bordoodle you are looking for! Our Bordoodles are highly intelligent and have superb temperaments along with eye-catching looks and a history of long life.

These highly desirable traits don't just happen by accident. We have spent many years doing research, perform DNA tests to help ensure health and bloodlines, and we have tracked many of our puppies into adulthood. As a result, we have gained a greater knowledge and understanding of parent pairing, expected offspring colors, coats and temperaments along with the assurance of knowing our puppies will grow into beautiful adult dogs that will live long healthy lives.​​​

Bordoodle Puppy

​​What is socialization? Introducing and familiarizing a canine to new experiences, including people, places, objects and other animals in ways that help the dog learn how to respond to and interact with these experiences appropriately and without fear. We provide our puppies with an environment that allows us to control their experience. We implement daily routines of love and affection involving holding and cuddling. We expose our pups to other animals, other people, new objects and new situations. Because our adult dogs are treated with the utmost respect and given ample love and attention, our pups learn by observing their Mom's behavior and interaction with our family.

​​Puppy Price ~ $2,500

While there is a general expected temperament for Bordoodles, each individual puppy has it's own "personality". Because we not only want YOU to have the cutest puppy/dog on the planet, we also want you to have the puppy with the temperament you desire, whether that temperament for your chosen puppy is considered to be reserved, playful, independent, outgoing, etc...  For this reason we provide Puppy Aptitude Testing (Volhard PAT)  on each puppy once they reach 6 weeks of age. Prior to choosing your puppy, you'll have the opportunity to review the temperament test results. With the results of the testing, along with the breeder's opinion,  you can better determine which puppy may be right for you.

Testing will reveal that some pups are more assertive while others are more reserved. Some pups may be more suitable as lap dogs, others as "service dogs, while others may have the temperament to be an agility champion.  The test will also reveal which pups are brave and which may be timid. You'll also find out which puppies are natural fetchers, while the others can of course be taught to fetch. Temperament profile testing is an absolute must for those who are acquiring a puppy for future use as a service dog, or looking for the ideal dog for your lifestyle. 

​Learn more about Volhard Testing