Size: 20-25 lbs(Mini)

Probable Colors:  Merle, Blk/Wht
Breeding Status: - Soon

​DUE: Late Fall

Details / Deposit List

Black and Silver Bordoodle English
Tory the Border Collie
White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

English & Copper

Size: 30-40 lbs
Probable Colors:  Tri-Color, Blk/Wht
Bred: 7/22/2020  
Confirming Pregnancy:  8/23/2020
​DUE: 9-23-2020  

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Small Poodle

Bordoodle Puppies For Sale​​​

​​​Mountain Rose is a Family Cooperative

Richard & Becky Poppe (Owner's of Mountain Rose)

Professional Dog Breeders & Trainers

Portage, Utah

Tiara & Jonothan Tucker (Our daughter's family)

Full Time Professional Dog Trainers

West Valley, Utah

Brittney & John Johnson (Our daughter's family)

Portage, Utah

Colton and Christina Hall (Our son's family)

Full Time Professional Dog Trainers

Morgan, Utah


Breeding Standards


Certified ADA Professional Training

Mobility Assistance Service Dogs

PTSD Service Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Managing Trainer: Jonothan Tucker

Full-Time Trainers:  Jonothan Tucker, Colton Hall, Daniel Brown, Joseph Kingston

Training Program

25 lbs (Mini)

Probable Colors:  Blk/Wht
Bred: 6/19/2020  

Pregnancy Confirmed
DUE: 8-21-2020

Details / Deposit List

Oakley - Border Collie
Bordoodle Puppy
Bordoodle Puppy
Border Collie dam
Copper - Moyen Poodle

​​​Puppy Price: $3,000

$3,500 for Merles and Mini's

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 Vali's Litter   Sadie's Litter   Missy's Litter  Wren's Litter

​​​​​F1 Bordoodle Litters

See "F1" Definition

​​​​​​​How about a  Sheepadoodle Puppy?

Mountain Rose also breeds and trains the most amazing Sheepadoodles on earth!

You can learn more about our Sheepadoodles by visiting our "sister" website at

Standard Poodle - Dash
Bordoodle Female

Are your seeking to adopt the perfect Bordoodle puppy? If so, we may have the bordoodle you are looking for! Our Bordoodles are highly intelligent and have superb temperaments along with eye-catching looks and a history of long life.

These highly desirable traits don't just happen by accident. We have spent many years doing research, performing DNA tests to help ensure health and bloodlines, and we have tracked many of our puppies into adulthood. As a result, we have gained a greater knowledge and understanding of parent pairing, expected offspring colors, coat types and temperaments along with the assurance of knowing our puppies will grow into beautiful adult dogs that will live long healthy lives.​​​​  

​To learn more our program, please review our Breeding Standards and our  10-Year Health Guarantee

Finn the Poodle
Lilah the Border Collie

Size: 45-65 lbs
Probable Colors:  Blk/Wht
Bred: 7/9/2020  
Pregnancy Confirmed
​DUE: 9-10-2020  

Details / Deposit List

Size: 30-35 lbs

Probable Colors:  Blk/Wht
Bred: 7/4/2020  

Pregnancy Confirmed
DUE: 9-5-2020  

Details / Deposit List

Oakley & Dash

Blue Merle Border Collie
Standard Poodle stud

Size: 50-70 lbs

Colors:  Merle, Blk/Wht, Brwn/Wht
Bred: 7/8/2020  

Pregnancy Confirmed
DUE: 9-9-2020  

Details / Deposit List

​​​​​F1b Bordoodle Litters

See "F1b" Definition


Lilah & Finn

Size:  45-60 lbs
Rd/Wht, Brwn/Wht, Blk/Wht,
Bred: 7/29/2020  
Confirming Pregnancy:  8/30/2020
​​DUE: 9-30-2020   

Details / Deposit List

Rose & Skipper

Our 2020 Fall Planned Litters...

These planned litters have all bred, or will soon breed.

Please be aware that from time to time breedings may not be successful and pregnancy does not occur. In an effort to ease anxiety for all, Mountain Rose performs a pregnancy blood test on all upcoming litters. This test can only be performed after 27 days into the pregnancy. Thus, to assure that we get an accurate test result, we test a month after the initial breeding to confirm pregnancy. We'll post the test results once we receive them.

​The canine gestation period averages 63 days.

How to reserve a puppy

Tory & Finn

Jasmine & Finn

Phantom Black Poodle
Black & White Border Collie

Meg & Dash

Miniature Poodle

May & Trip

​​For those who seek after the best of the best,  Mountain Rose  is your "Gold Standard".

Because we are also professional trainers as well as breeders, there are specific things that we do for our puppies and our new puppy owners that are just not offered or available through other breeders.  Here's a summarized list...

  • All Mountain Rose puppies come with a 10-YEAR Health Guarantee.
  • Our puppies gain huge mental and physical advantages through Early Neurological Stimulation.
  • Mountain Rose puppies are happy and well adjusted to life through Proper Socialization.
  • We conduct Puppy Temperament Testing on every puppy (helps you choose the right puppy).
  • All puppies are de-wormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age.
  • First vaccinations administered at 6 weeks of age.
  • Health examination by a licensed Veterinarian. 
  • All puppies are Micro-Chipped for easy identification by Vets, Animal Shelters, Humane Society, etc...
  • Hips and joints of our parent dogs have been professionally evaluated through OFA. In order to breed, the results must show their highest ratings of  "Good" and "Excellent". Learn More
  • All of our puppy parents have been DNA tested for genetic disorders common in canines.
  • House training basics are established.
  • Dog-door experienced and leash trained.
  • Professional Training is available.

Moyen Poodle

Mia & Archer


Size: 25-30 lbs
Probable Colors:  Blk/Wht, Red/Wht
In Heat Now - 
Breeding Soon

​DUE: Late Fall 

Details / Deposit List

Why Choose Mountain Rose

Rosie Bordoodle
Trained Bordoodles

Size: 30-40 lbs
Probable Colors:  Merle, Blk/Wht 
Bred: 7/26/2020  
Confirming Pregnancy:  8/27/2020
​DUE: 9-27-2020  

Details / Deposit List

Bordoodle Puppy Dog
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