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Cali ( Girl )

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Cassie (MOM)

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Tex ( Boy ) 

Puppy Reservation List

The people listed below are approved depositors and have secured an opportunity to choose a puppy from this litter. Puppy Pick Day is January 25th, 2021.

1)  Main

2)  Morris

3)  Horvath

4)  Bruner

Puppy Pick Day (01/25/21)


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Flori ( Girl )

Bordoodle Temperaments

01/25:  PUPPY PICK DAY (choose your puppy)

02/06:  Pups go home or start training


F1 Bordoodle Puppies

Projected Adult Size: 35-40 lbs

1 Boy | 3 Girls


Red white Border Collie

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4 Puppies - Born Dec. 12, 2020

Ready to Go Home Feb. 6, 2020

Carolina ( Girl )


6-Week Puppy Photos

NOTE:  The puppy names below are proxy names only 

Copper Moyen Poodle

Upcoming Schedule

Bordoodle Puppy

Puppy Pick Day (Jan 25, 2021)

This coming Monday, beginning at 10:00 am (Mountain Time), the depositors listed below will begin choosing their puppies. We'll proceed in order starting with the first person on the list choosing first, then the second person will choose, and so forth. Once it becomes your turn to choose, we ask that you please make your selection within 15 minutes. This helps us stay on track and allows amiable consideration for the others on the list.

Our depositors will record their puppy selection by clicking on the ((Click Here)) link below.
This page will be updated in "REAL TIME" after each puppy is selected.

Copper (DAD)

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Cassie's Bordoodle Litter