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Ranger's Copper Penny   "Copper"

Breed: Poodle (AKC Registered)

​​Height: 16" measured at shoulders

Weight: 22 lbs

Color: Red & White (Parti)

Eyes: Brown

Copper is the newest addition to the Mountain Rose breeding program. He is the smallest of our poodle studs standing 16" tall and weighing 22 lbs. He is still considered a "Standard" poodle by AKC, but in Europe he is considered to be a Klein or Moyen size, which means "medium" or "small medium". Copper is brave, proud and VERY SMART. He keeps up with the border collies on our daily hikes and they all respect him even though he's the smallest. We joke and say he's our mini - border collie in poodle clothing. Everyone just loves Copper!

​Owners:  Colton & Christina Hall / Mountain Rose

Poodle - Copper 1
Poodle - Copper


Poodle (male)