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Breed: Bordoodle, F1 (First Generation)

Height: 16" (measured at Shoulders)

Weight: 25 lbs

Color: Black & Silver

Eyes: Brown

English is the perfect bordoodle (miniature/small) living the good life with our daughter's family in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is quite personable and always looks you in the eyes. She's great with kids of all ages (forgiving) and is so very smart, as well as super athletic! Her coat is lush with loose curls and 100% non-shedding. When she was born her coat was jet black. By the age of two her coat developed the most delightful silver highlights.

English's Mom is Ginger.  See Ginger

Ownes:  Jonothan & Tia Tucker (our daughter's family)

Black and Silver Bordoodle English
English Silver Bordoodle Dog
Bordoodle - English
Bordoodle Puppy Dog
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Bordoodle (female)