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Red and White Border Collie Ginger


Breed: Border Collie (ABCA Registered)

​​Height: 22" measured at shoulders

Weight: 49 lbs

Color: Red & White

Eyes: Blue

Ginger is the alpha dog of Mountain Rose and is a genuine peacemaker. She is outgoing and energetic... yet she is also one of the calmest Border Collies we own. Her bloodlines are out of Scotland just a few generations back. Her bloodlines are famous and include one National Reserve Trial Champion and two International Trail Champions. Her Great Grandfather (Creed aka "Spot") is mentioned in the novel "Nop's Hope" available on Amazon Books. 

Past Puppies:  Ginger is 7 years old and currently has 5 of her past Bordoodle puppies working as PTSD Service Dogs and 2 working as Diabetic Alert Dogs. She also has a grandson F1b Bordoodle working as a Diabetic Alert Dog. Her offspring puppies are exceptionally beautiful and smart.


Border Collie (female)

Ginger Border Collie Dog
Border Collie Ginger Blue Eyes Red and White
Blue Eyed Border Collie