Registered Depositors

The following families have committed their deposit to this litter. Once the puppies become available at 7 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks), the depositors listed below will choose their puppies. The #1 depositor will choose first, then #2 will choose second, and so forth...

​1 Handler (Illinois, USA)   Adopted Erskine

2 Signorello/Eichenlaub (Colorado, USA)   Adopted Aberdeen

3 Shepherd (Ohio, USA)   Adopted Dundee

4 Lancaster (Colorado, USA)   Adopted Paisley

5 Kumar (Ohio, USA)   Adopted Airdrie

6 Hicks (Colorado, USA)   Adopted Stirling

Sorry, all of these precious puppies have been adopted. Please see our other litters for sale.

Paisley (Girl)     11 lbs 4 oz (2/15/18)

Forecasted Adult

Weight  49 lbs


Bordoodle Puppies

2 Boys & 4 Girls

Born Dec. 28th 2017

Ready to go home February 22nd 2018

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6 Weeks of Age

Dashen Poodle

Ginger's Litter - $2,500


Erskine (Girl)     8 lbs 14 oz (2/15/18)

Dundee (Boy)     11 lbs 4 oz (2/15/18)

Forecasted Adult

Weight  64 lbs

Stirling (Boy)     8 lbs 12 oz (2/15/18)

Forecasted Adult

Weight  58 lbs

Dashen (dad)

More About Dashen



6 Week Videos


Bordoodle Puppy

Aberdeen (Girl)     10 lbs 8 oz (2/15/18) 


Ginger's Bordoodle Puppy Videos - 6 Weeks
Ginger Border Collie

Ginger (mom)

More About Ginger

Forecasted Adult

Weight  50 lbs

Ginger's Bordoodle Puppy Videos - 6 Weeks
Bordoodle Logo

Forecasted Adult

Weight  51 lbs

Airdrie (Girl)       9 lbs  1 oz (2/15/18)

2 Boys & 4 Girls

Forecasted Adult

Weight  64 lbs

All Puppies in this litter are reserved

You can learn more about the Puppy Selection Process HERE.