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​​​​​​Puppy 4 ​( Girl Adopted by the Weinstein family

​​​​​​Puppy 9 ​( Girl Adopted by the Casteel family

DAD: Finn

About Finn

​​​​​​Puppy 6 ​( Boy)

Adopted by the Bright family

​​​​​​Puppy 5 ​( Girl Adopted by the Weiss family

4 Boys  |  6 Girls

Born: 11-16-19

​​Expected Adult Size: 30-40 lbs


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Puppies Go Home Jan 11, 2020

​​​​​​Puppy 2 ​( Girl Adopted by the Bezanis family

See These Puppies in ACTION (6-Weeks)

​​​​​​Puppy 7 ​( Boy Adopted by the Ziv Goldberg family

MOM: Lilah

About Lilah

​​​​​​Puppy 1 ​( Girl )   Adopted by the Garcia family

White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

​​​​​​Puppy 10 ​( Boy )   ​Adopted by the Auch famlily

Bordoodle Puppy Videos @ 6 Weeks

Volhard PAT

Puppy Aptitude Test Results

See 6 Week Photos, Video and Volhard Temperament Test Results Below

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​​​​​​Lilah's Bordoodle Puppies

​​​​​​Puppy 8 ​( Girl  Adopted by the Van Rossum family

Congratulations to our new puppy owners....

Garcia (California)  Puppy #1
Van Rossum 
Puppy #8
Puppy #9
Puppy #4
Puppy #5
Puppy #2
Ziv Goldberg
Puppy #7
Puppy #3

Bright (BC, Canada)  Puppy #6

​Auch (Colorado)  Puppy #10

Sorry, all of Lilah's pups

have been adopted!

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​​​​​​​Puppy 3 ​( Boy Adopted by the Winer family