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Border Collie (female)


Breed: Border Collie (ABCA Registered)

​​Height: 20" measured at shoulders

Weight: 40 lbs

Color: Tri-Color

Eyes: Brown

OFA Hips Rating: "Good"

DNA panel: Clear

Lilah is our loyal tri-colored border collie. She is a fun dog and one of our favorite dogs to hike or run with. While other dogs will run off ahead, or lag behind, Lilah will run right along side us whether we're on foot, mountain biking or on horseback. She's very very friendly, but she also has the amazing ability to discern good from bad... in humans as well as other animals. She is not at all aggressive in any way, but she will protect her family. 

One day I was out on my mountain bike peddling through our little town with her running along side, when out of no where came a big Mastiff (you know the big 200 lb dogs) intent on "getting" me. This was not my first encounter with this dog, but it was the first time with Lilah by my side. Lilah, about 1/4 the size of this "aggressive" Mastiff dog, tackled that dog to the ground and sent it running off back to it's porch. My appreciation and admiration for this loving dog was increased by 10 fold that day. Dogs are amazing, but Lilah is more than that!

Owner:  Richard & Becky Poppe (Mountain Rose)