Finn Prized Poodle

We are now accepting deposits on this litter

In order to adopt a puppy from this litter you must complete a Puppy Application and submit a $500 deposit, which is applied to the purchase price of your puppy leaving a remaining balance of $2,000 due prior to picking up your puppy at 8 weeks of age.

You can learn more about the Puppy Adoption Process HERE.

Chloe (Girl)

Allie (Girl)

Finn (dad)

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Lil's Pups @ 2 Weeks of Age (Click to Enlarge)

Piper (Girl)

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Bordoodle Puppy Red White

You can learn more about the Puppy Adoption Process HERE.

Bella (Girl)

Registered Depositors

The following families have committed their deposit to this litter. Once the puppies become available at 7 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks), the depositors listed below will choose their puppies. The #1 depositor will choose first, then #2 will choose second, and so forth. 

​1 Kessler (North Carolina, USA)

2 Deuel (Virginia, USA)

3 Marinovic-Abdolahi (Florida, USA)

4 ____________________________

5 ____________________________

6 ____________________________

Bailey (Girl)

Lil's Litter - 6 Puppies

Molly (Girl) 

​​Bordoodle Puppies

6 Beautiful Girls

Birth Date: 12-27-2017

Expected Adult Size:  30-35 lbs

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Litter Schedule:

- 2 Week Photos Posted: 01-10-18

- 4 Week Photos & Video Posted: 01-24-18

- 6 Week Photos & Video Posted: 02-07-18

- Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test Results Posted: 02-14-18

- Puppy Pick Day (Puppy Selections): 10:00 am  |  02-15-18

- Puppies Go Home or Start Training: 02-21-18