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Lil's Due Date is July 26th 2020

​Puppies should be ready to go home September 20th 2020

MOM: Lil

About Lil

Big Poodle - Dash

Puppy Reservation List

The people listed below are approved depositors and have secured an opportunity to choose a puppy from this litter.

1)  Williamson (Oregon)

2)  Diaz (Texas)

3)  Frankhauser (California)

​4)  Jin (California)

5)  Rocke (California)

6)  Felt (Utah)

7)  Aruffo-Orkin (Illinois) 

8) Herbert (New Jersey)

Sorry, This List is Full.

​​​F1 "Standard" Bordoodles

Projected Adult Size: 50-65 lbs

Colors: Chocolate/White, Red/White

​​​​​​Lil's Bordoodle Puppies

DAD: Dash

About Dash