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Midas Poodle

​​​​​​Puppy 2 ​( Boy )

Adopted by the SCOTT family

6 Week Photos

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Newborn Puppy Photos

Puppy Reservation List

The people listed below are approved depositors and have secured an opportunity to choose a puppy from this litter once the puppies become available at 6 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks). On PUPPY PICK DAY, December 12, 2019, the depositors listed below will choose their puppies. Process: #1 depositor will choose first, then #2 will choose next, then #3 and so forth...

Bruggeman (Washington)  Puppy #3

Scott (Utah)  Puppy #2

Gray (California) Puppy #1


​​​​​​Luna's Bordoodle Puppies

Upcoming Schedule

Puppies Go Home (or start training) 12-23-19

Luna Bordoodle

​​​​​​​Puppy 3 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the BRUGGEMAN family

Volhard PAT

Puppy Aptitude Test Results

​​​​​​Puppy 1 ​( Boy )

Adopted by the GRAY family

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Luna's Bordoodle Puppy Videos @ 4 Weeks

DAD: Midas

About Midas

Bordoodle Training

2 Boys  |  1 Girl

Born: 10-29-19

​​Expected Adult Size: 55-65 lbs


Shipping is available to most areas of  the continental U.S. & Canada

Puppies Go Home 12-23-2019

MOM: Luna

About Luna