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Breed: Border Collie (ABCA Registered)

Height: 20" measured at shoulders

Weight: 42 lbs

Color: Black & White

Eyes: Gold

May is a wonderful example of a true Border Collie. She is everything a Border Collie should be. She is so very smart, low key and a true pleasure to be around. Her favorite show is Phantom Of The Opera (we're pretty sure)!!  May is very fast and so graceful and athletic. She is also one of our calmest well-tempered dogs with a real level head. She will play when it's time to play and relax when we're done.  She loves all animals, including our barn cats! She'll even watch over and protect the kittens. She's is our precious love.

Owners: Mountain Rose (Richard & Becky Poppe)


Border Collie (female)

Bordoodle Puppy