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Bordoodle Puppy

Puppy 4 ( Boy )

Adopted by the CASHMAN family

Puppy 7 ( Girl )

Adopted by the FAIN family

DAD: Trip

About Trip

Puppy 6 ( Girl )

Adopted by the VERNON family

Puppy 2 ( Girl )

Adopted by the HARMS family

Puppy 3 ( Boy )

​Adopted by the BENNETT family

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2 Boys  |  5 Girls

Born: 04-28-20

​​Expected Adult Size:  45-60 lbs

Ready To Go Home  June 23, 2020

Shipping is available to most areas of  the continental U.S.  At this time we are unable ship to Canada, Mexico or overseas.

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test

Puppy 5 ( Girl )

Adopted by the MOSS family

Bordoodle Puppy Video @ 6 Weeks

Meg's Bordoodle Puppies

MOM: Meg

About Meg

Puppy 1 ( Girl )

Adopted by the HUDSON family

Puppy Pick Day!!!
June 11th 2020

We would like to thank everyone today for making Puppy Pick Day a great success!​

Hudson​ (CA)  Puppy #1

Harms (IA)  Puppy #2
Bennett (CO)  Puppy #3
Cashman (ME)  Puppy #4

Moss (OR)  Puppy #5

Vernon (CA)  Puppy #6
Fain (VA)  Puppy #7


All puppies have been Adopted.

You can get on our list for future puppies by filling out an application.

​Puppy Application

See These Puppies in ACTION


Photos @ 6 Weeks of Age

See Video & Volhard PAT below.

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