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Scout (Boy) - ADOPTED by the Lott family (California)

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Rojo (Boy)  ADOPTED by the Bourguignon family (Washington)

Minx (Girl) -  ADOPTED by the Lawless famiy (Texas)

Zoro (Boy) - ADOPTED by the Bitz family (New York)

Bordoodle Puppies

Birth Date: 12-08-18

Expected Adult Size:  40-45 lbs


Kadee (Girl) - ADOPTED by the McMillan family (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Mia (mom)

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Bella (Girl) -

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Marley (Girl) - ADOPTED by the S. McMillan family (Manitoba, Canada)

Midas (dad)

About Midas

Loki (Boy) - ADOPTED by the Goossens family (Utah)

Bayes (Girl) -  ADOPTED by the Goossens family (Utah)