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​​​Puppy 4 ​( Girl 

​Adopted by the Ursino Family

​​Puppy 5(Boy) 

Adopted by the Ostrander Family

​​Puppy 1 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the Weik Family

Puppy Temperament Test Results


(Video & Volhard Test Scores Below)

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Congratulations to our new puppy owners!!!

Dodson (CA) 
Puppy #6
Ursino (CA)  
Puppy #4
Stevens (TX)  
Puppy #3
McClelland (CO) 
 Puppy #8
Weik (AZ)  
Puppy #1

Riley (NV)  Puppy #7

Pirrung (UT)  Puppy #2

​Ostrander (NY)  Puppy #5

All of these

lucky puppies found

their forever homes!

White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

See These Puppies in ACTION

Puppy 8 ​( Girl 

Adpted by the McClelland  Family

Mia's Bordoodle Litter

​​Puppy 3 ​( Girl ) 

Adopted by the Stevens Family

Puppy 7 ​( Girl 

Adopted by the Riley Family

Bordoodle Puppy Video @ 4 Weeks

Puppy 6 ​( Girl )

​Adopted by the Dodson Family

Puppy 2 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the Pirrung Family


1 Boy  |  7 Girls

Born: 04-09-2020

​​Expected Adult Size: 30-40 lbs

Pups are ready to go home June 4, 2019

Shipping is available to most areas of  the continental U.S. *At this time we are unable ship to Canada, Mexico or overseas.