Mia produces the most GORGEOUS Bordoodle puppies!

Here are a few puppy pics from her previous litter (All adopted of course)

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Bordoodle Puppy Dog


Breed: Border Collie (ABCA Registered)

Height: 19" (measured at shoulders)

Weight: 38 lbs

Coat Type: Medium/Long length  

Color: Blue Merle

Eyes: Blue

Mia is an exceptional dog with a heart of gold and lovable personality. She's outgoing, super social, kind and very respectful towards everyone. Mia is a true peacemaker within our "pack" and is well respected! She loves to go on our mountain hikes, but especially loves to ride around our property with Richard in the golf cart! There's no downside to Mia...  She's a wonderful dog and a great companion!

**See pictures of her past puppies below...