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We're very excited to be a part of this wonderful journey to help you find the perfect puppy to join your family. You may now place your $500 deposit. 100% of your deposit will be credited towards the purchase price of your future puppy. The purchase price of all puppies, regardless of size, color or gender is $2,500.

Once we receive your deposit you'll have 3 choices available:

  1. You may choose to reserve any available puppy. 
  2. You can commit your deposit to one of our upcoming litters from which you will choose your future puppy once that time arrives. 
  3. You can have your name placed on our Master List of Depositors, which allows you the opportunity to secure a top pick from a future planned litter.

Once you commit your deposit to a specific litter or puppy, your deposit becomes non-refundable with the exception of the case where there are not enough pups available in your chosen litter, which prohibits you from choosing a puppy. 

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