Standard Bordoodle

14" to 16" at the shoulders
Weight 20 to 25 lbs

Small Bordoodle

16" to 17" at the shoulders
Weight 25 to 30 lbs

22" to 25" at the shoulders.
40 to 65 lbs
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Bordoodle Sizes & Definitions

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An F1b Bordoodles are sought after for their more poodly appearance. Their coat may be a bit more curly and they may be more likely to be hypoallergenic and non shedding. Of course this means that their personality my lean a bit more towards the Poodle.

F1 Bordoodle

Border Collie & Poodle Cross

An F1 is considered the original Bordoodle (aka BorderDoodle). F1 Bordoodles seem to consistently exhibit the very best qualities from the Border Collie and the Poodle, while seemingly leaving behind any negative traits. 

​​Bordoodle Sizes

18" to 21" at the shoulders.

Weight 30-40lbs.

Miniature Bordoodle

Because this a newer breed and not yet several generations deep, the offspring pups may vary in their appearance and personality depending upon the breeder's choice of Bordoodle mates. For example, if you were to breed an F1 that exhibited more traits towards the Poodle with another of the same, you will likely end up with a dog that leans more towards a Poodle... and visa versa. The ideal goal is to breed an F1 with 50/50 traits with the same. 

Of course, years down the line and many generations deep we believe that the Bordoodle/ Bordoodle will end up being F2. 

This is how all of the other breeds in the world have ultimately come to be. This is how purebreds began.

F2 Bordoodle

Bordoodle & Bordoodle Cross

Bordoodle Puppy

Medium Bordoodle

Bordoodle Definitions

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F1b Bordoodle

Bordoodle & Poodle Cross