Bordoodle Sizes & Definitions

**A Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) will help identify natural born traits in puppies. We perform the PAT on every puppy.

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An F1 is considered the original Bordoodle (aka Border Doodle). F1 Bordoodles exhibit highly sought after physical and mental attributes from both the Border Collie and the Poodle. Some are non shedding, some are low shedding, some are medium shedding and some are heavy shedding. Ask Mountain Rose to help you identify coat types.

15" to 17" at the shoulders
Weight 20 to 30 lbs​

F1 Bordoodle

Border Collie & Poodle Cross

Miniature / Small Bordoodle

An F1b Bordoodles are often sought after for their high probability of being hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Their coat is usually be a bit more curly/wavy than an F1 Bordoodle.

Medium Bordoodle

Bordoodle Definitions

​​Bordoodle Sizes

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Standard Bordoodle

18" to 21" at the shoulders.

Weight 30-45 lbs.

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F2 Bordoodle

Bordoodle & Bordoodle Cross

Bordoodle Puppy Dog

F1b Bordoodle

Bordoodle & Poodle Cross

Because the Bordoodle is a newer breed, you just won't find too many breeders who have F2 Bordoodles. It takes time and patience to discover the perfect F1 Bordoodle match-ups that have the ideal Bordoodle temperament traits, looks and display low to non-shedding characteristics. Mountain Rose has been breeding Bordoodles for many years and has F2 Bordoodle litters from time to time. If you don't see a current F2 Bordoodle litter available, be sure to always check out our upcoming litters for F2 Boroodles.

22" to 25" at the shoulders.
50 to 65 lbs
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