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Bordoodle (female)


Breed: F1 Bordoodle (see F1 Definition)

Height: 20" measured at shoulders

Weight: 42 lbs

Color: Red & White

Eyes: Gold

Sophie is one amazing Bordoodle! She's about the same size a your average border collie with loose wavy hair, 100% non shedding with traditional border collie markings. Aside from her beautiful looks, her most outstanding feature is her temperament. She's quite affectionate, brave, easy going and level headed. 

Noteworthy: Sophie comes from quite exceptional parents. Her mother is "famous" Ginger out of Scotland just a few generations back. Her great, great grandfather is the USBCA National Trail Reserve Champion, also mentioned in the novel "Nop's Hope" available on Further back in her lineage are grandparents, 5 and 6 generations back, that are international champions... that is the BEST OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD. To be the #1 the dog in the world, the dog must have the highest degree of intelligence and reasoning ability. Because these are sheep trials (not cattle) they must be calm, cool and collected.