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Tory the Border Collie


Puppies From Their  Previous Litter

​(10 Pups)

Tory (mom)

About Tory

Tory's is Breeding this week.

She'll be expecting in the 1st week of September.

Finn the Poodle

Finn (DAD)

About Finn

Tory's Bordoodle Puppies

These Pups are from their PREVIOUS LITTER​

6-Week Photos & Video Below... Volhard Test Results Too

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Bordoodle Puppies

Puppy Reservation List

The people listed below are approved depositors and have secured an opportunity to choose a puppy from this litter.

1)  Padro/Birman (New Jersey)

2)  Mattix (Colrado)

3)  Seigel (California)

​4)  McVeigh (California)

5)  Brook (California)

6)  Sanderson (California)

7)  Clark (Florida)

8)  Gibson (AB Canada)

Sorry, This List Is Full

Tory has had 3 previous litters with 9, 13 and 10  puppies in her litters.

See These Puppies in ACTION

Bordoodle Puppy Videos @ 6 Weeks

​​​F1 "Medium" Bordoodles

Projected Adult Size: 30-35 lbs

Anticipated Colors: Black & White

Puppy Temperament Test Results