Trained Puppies: $4,900

Trained Young-Adults: $5,900

Rocky (Male)

F1 Bordoodle 


Age: 11 Months 

Current Weight: 62 lbs

Mom: Luna

Dad: Midas

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Rocky has been professionally trained by veteran trainer Daniel Brown! Rocky is super smart and very athletic! He loves to fetch, run, and play. We would rate his energy level "Medium-High". This means that he is ideally suited for an experienced dog owner who can engage with Rocky in daily walks, runs, activities, and games.  If you want a future AGILITY or FRISBEE champion, Rocky might be your dog!


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$850 Handler assisted delivery to most areas of the continental U.S. (Details)

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Mountain Rose reserves the right to review all adoption requests and choose the best match for this dog.

Trained Bordoodles

1 young adult ("Rocky") - Available Now.

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Service Dog In Training

Fully Trained Bordoodles For Sale

We understand that there are people who would prefer to adopt a fully trained puppy or young adult dog, as opposed to a "untrained" puppy. Because of the strong demand for this type of furry family member we enthusiastically provide fully trained puppies and fully trained young adults when available.


Because we also operate a full service TRAINING FACILITY, we hand select certain puppies from our litters to be specifically trained and made available when ready. These special dogs live in the homes of our trainers and receive lots of attention, love and TRAINING. If you would like to adopt one of these great dogs, please fill out an  Adoption Application. 

What Does "Fully Trained" Mean?

"Fully Trained" means that your future furry family member has been kennel trained, leash trained and will obey all basic obedience commands.... Sit, Down, Stay, Come, No and Okay. These dogs have also been introduced to house training and sleep in their kennel throughout the night.

The price for our fully trained puppies and young adults may vary slightly depending upon age and level of training. You can find the individual price on each puppy and young adult listed below.

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