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Fall 2019

Small, Medium and Standard Bordoodles

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We are excited to offer you F1F1b and F2 Bordoodle puppies.

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Mountain Rose is a Family Cooperative

Richard & Becky Poppe (Owner's of Mountain Rose)

Professional Dog Breeders & Trainers

Owners of Ginger, Luna, Daisy, May, Valentine & Ruby

Portage, Utah

Tiara & Jonothan Tucker (Our daughter's family)

Full Time Professional Dog Trainers

Owners of English, Jasmine & Nala

West Valley, Utah

Brittney & John Johnson (Our daughter's family)

Owners of Meg and Sadie

Portage, Utah

Colton and Christina Hall (Our son's family)

Full Time Professional Dog Trainers

Owners of Copper, Finn, Dash & Midas

Morgan, Utah


Our Breeding Standards


Certified ADA Professional Training

Mobility Assistance Service Dogs

PTSD Service Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Managing Trainer: Richard Poppe

Veteran Trainers: Jonothan Tucker, Colton Hall, Mike Jessop, Cheryl Beck

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