F1b Bordoodle Litters  - 2018

See F1b Definition.

Bordoodle Litter Suckling Mother
Standard Poodle - Dash
Poodle Face - Copper

List of Depositors

1) Swoboda (Texas)

2) Nyberg (Minnesota)

3) Keith (New York)

4) Buigas (Florida)

5) Trausch (Nebraska)

6) Ashburn (Missouri

7) __________________________

8) __________________________

Mountain Rose is a Family Cooperative

Richard & Becky Poppe (Owner's of Mountain Rose)

Professional Dog Breeders & Trainers

Owners of Ginger, Lil, Flower, Daisy, May, Valentine and Ruby (Finn & Dash too)

Tiara & Jonothan Tucker (Our daughter and son-in-law)

Owners of Sophie, English and Jasmine

Brittney & John Johnson (Our daughter and son-in-law)

Owners of Meg, Shasta, Sadie & Penny

Colton and Christina Hall (Our son and daughter-in-law)

Owners of Copper, Scotch & Cheri

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Professional Training with 25+ years experience

Managing Trainer: Richard Poppe

Veteran Trainers: Jonothan Tucker, Colton Hall, Daniel Brown

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While we are professional breeders and have a vast amount of experience and expertise in breeding Bordoodle dogs, the forecast of expected due dates on upcoming litters is an estimation and is subject to change. We are also subject to the will and power of mother nature.

Flower & Finn

Puppies Due: 
Nov 1st
Ready to Go Home: Dec 25th

Puppy Forecast

Size:  30-35 lbs

Color:  Black/White, Rd/Wht

Markings:  BC, Tuxedo, Parti

Border Collie - Ruby

List of Depositors

1) Frommer (NJ, USA)

2) __________________________

3) __________________________

4) __________________________

5) __________________________

6) __________________________

7) __________________________

​8) __________________________

Upcoming Fall Litters (2018)

F1b Bordoodle Litters  - 2018

See F1b Definition.

List of Depositors

1) Williams (California)

2) Gabriel (Wyoming)

3) Willis (California)

4) Harbison (Alaska)

5)Anderson (Wisconsin) 

6) __________________________

7) __________________________

​8) __________________________

Bordoodle Logo

Penny & Dash

Expected Breeding: Sept.

Expected DUE DATE: Nov.

Puppy Forecast

Size:  50-55 lbs

Color:  Gold/Wht, Blk/Wht

Markings:  BC, Tuxedo, Parti

Ruby & Copper

Puppies Due: 
Nov 2nd
Ready to Go Home: Dec 26th

Puppy Forecast

Size:  Miniature 22-25 lbs

Color:  Rd/Wht, Gold

Markings:  BC, Tuxedo, Parti

Poodle - Finn

Upcoming Bordoodle Litters

Our Planned Bordoodle Litters for 2018

Border Collie - Flower
Bordoodle - Penny

On this page you will find a list of our planned upcoming litters and the whelping dates expected. Please understand that the breeding of the dams listed below is subject to a pre-breeding health exam and final approval of Mountain Rose.

*Though we are usually able to determine the whelping dates with a fair amount of accuracy based on the track record and history of our mother dogs, these dates are always subject to change according to the will of "Mother Nature". 

If you would like to reserve a puppy from one of our planned litters below, please fill out a puppy application (if you have not already done so). We'll contact you within 24 hours after your application is submitted. If everything looks good, we'll provide you with a link allowing you to place a deposit and reserve a puppy. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Bordoodle Puppy