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#6 Boy  Adopted by the Beausang Family

#7 Girl    Adopted by the Murphy Family

#10 Girl   -  Adopted by the Anderson Family

#3 Girl   Adopted by the Wood Family 

#1 Boy   Adopted by the Coates Family 

Sire: Finn

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Red and White Border Collie Valentine
Bordoodle Puppy Videos - 6 Weeks
White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

Dam: Valentine 

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​​Bordoodle Puppies

5 Boys  |  5 Girls

Birth Date: 11-11-17

Expected Adult Size:  30-35 lbs

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#9 Girl   Adopted by the Wilder Family 

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The families listed below have completed our Puppy Adoption Application and placed their deposits on this litter. Once the puppies become available at 7 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks), the depositors listed below will choose their puppies. The #1 depositor will choose first, then the #2 depositor will choose second, and so forth...

Watson (Alaska, USA) - Adopted #8

Wilder (Texas, USA) - Adopted #9

Hallberg (Florida, USA) - Adopted #4

Coates (North Carolina, USA) - Adopted #1

Wood (Nevada, USA) - Adopted #3

Ryman (Montana, USA) - Adopted #5

Anderson (Arkansas, USA) - Adopted #10

Murphy (Massachusetts, USA) - Adopted #7

Rajasekaran (Michigan, USA) - Adopted #2

Beausang (California, USA) - Adopted #6

Valentine's Litter - 10 Puppies

#5 Girl   Adopted by the Ryman Family 

Sorry, All Puppies Are Adopted

#2 Boy   Adopted by the Rajasekaran Family

#8 Boy   Adopted by the Watson Family 

#4 Boy   Adopted by the Hallberg Family