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The people listed below are approved depositors and have committed to choosing a puppy from this litter. Once the puppies become available at 6 weeks of age (pups go home at 8 weeks or start training), the depositors listed below will choose their puppies. The #1 depositor will choose first, then the #2 depositor will choose second, and so forth...

Maulsby (Texas, USA)  Adopted Patagonia

Fitzpatrick  (Connecticut, USA)  Adopted Everest

DeRocker (Massachusetts, USA) Adopted Lasson

Johnson-Blake (New Hampshire, USA)  Adopted Denali

Congratulations to the above families who have adopted the most amazing puppies in the world!

Bordoodle Puppies

Birth Date: 05-11-18

Expected Adult Size:  35 lbs


Adopted by the Maulsby family

Upcoming Schedule:

May 25, 2018:  Puppy photos posted (2 Weeks of Age)

June 8, 2018:   Puppy photos  & video posted (4 Weeks of Age)

June 22, 2018: Puppy photos & video posted (6 Weeks of Age)

June 23, 2018: PUPPY PICK DAY - Starts @  10:00 am

July 6, 2018: Pups ready to go home or start training

Adopted by the DeRocker family

Denali  Boy

Adopted by the Fitzpatrick family

Bordoodle Puppy
Bordoodle Logo

Patagonia  GIRL

Everest  BOY

Lasson  BOY

Sire: Finn

About Finn

Red and White Border Collie Valentine

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White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

Dam: Valentine 

About Valentine

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Valentine's Puppies

Adopted by the Johnson-Blake family

​​Puppy Photos @ 6 Weeks

Pupppy Videos @ 6 Weeks