​​​​​​Puppy 1 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the RUSSELL family

Dash (Dad)

About Dash

​​Puppy 3 ​( Boy ) 

Adopted by the MARIN family

​​Puppy 7 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the TKACHENKO family   

​​​​​Puppy 4 ​( Girl 

Adopted by the KUHLMANN family

Willow (Mom)

About Willow

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Individual Puppy Photos, Video & Volhard PAT (below).

6 Weeks of Age.

Yes, their noses should turn 100% black.

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Puppy Temperament Test Results

​​Puppy 6 ​( Boy )   

Adopted by the SYRPES family

Bordoodle Puppy Video @ 4 Weeks

2 Boys  |  5 Girls

Born: 02-19-2020

​​Expected Adult Size: 50-60 lbs


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areas of  the continental U.S.

​Puppies Go Home After 4-15-2020

All of Willow's puppies have been adopted!

Russell (California) 
Puppy #1
Syrpes (Colorado) 
Puppy #6
Marin (Texas)  
Puppy #3
Stephens (California)  Puppy #5

Tkachenko (Mass.)  Puppy #7

Ching (California)   Puppy #2

Kuhlmann (Texas)  Puppy #4

Congratulations to all of the puppies who found their forever homes... and to the families who will be blessed by their new puppy's loving contribution.

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Willow's Bordoodle Puppies

​​​​Puppy 2 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the CHING family

Bordoodle Puppy Dog
Trained Bordoodles
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​​​​Puppy 5 ​( Girl )

Adopted by the STEPHENS family