So what can you do to raise Bordoodle awareness?

Search term popularity over time for each breed name

Borderdoodle     • Bordoodle    • Border Doodle

Border Collie x Poodle

April 5th, 2017

March, 2017

Borderdoodle or Bordoodle? Which one is it?

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We’re so glad you asked. We are building a Bordoodle term policing group and we ask that you join us in slapping a #bordoodle comment on any content out there that is named any different. Okay, maybe this is going a bit far? In all seriousness, any of these three names are fine and if you’re lucky enough to have a Bordoodle, you will absolutely love and enjoy their kind spirit and smart nature and we’d love to hear from you in our facebook bordoodle group if you have any questions or want to share pictures or videos of your Bordoodle.

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The Bordoodle is still a breed that is growing in popularity and awareness. The great thing about the internet is as this interest grows, people jump on search engines to research this wonderful breed and they find these two different terms floating around everywhere.

Article By: The Saner Family

​Emma's Plane Ride Home...
Emma was amazing all day yesterday on our flight home. She charmed everyone.  In my whole life I’ve never had a puppy who didn’t cry the first night but Emma didn’t.  We arrived home at 10:30 p.m. and she was curious about everything. Finally at 12:15 am we went to bed but she was still ready to have fun.  The cats liked her immediately.  After I write this Emma and I are going to the barn/pasture to meet the horses & cows.  She seems totally connected to us and not lonely at all and she really listens.

​The papoose carrier was wonderful.  Emma got to look at everything in the airports and because she was in the papoose we weren’t asked to put her underneath the seat on the planes.  That was a great surprise as we thought she would have to be underneath the seat at all times. Security was a breeze - I just walked through the scanner with her.  No health papers were required.  We had a window seat on each flight and she loved looking out the window.  When she got tired we put her in the carrier underneath the seat and she was fine.  On each flight everyone around us was amazed that we had a puppy because there was never a peep out of her.  When we arrived in ROC I took her outside and she had to go immediately.  She was very hungry and thirsty (I gave her a little bit of water on the flights but nothing to eat) but she stayed calm.

We think that flying with the puppy is a great bonding experience - she seems completely attached already to both of us. We’re really glad she had a week of your excellent training because she learned a lot.  She walked quietly on the leash every time we put her on the ground and she comes when she’s called, even without treats (because we didn’t want to feed her). Anyway, we never expected her to handle such a long and difficult day so well.  Today she’s full of herself and wants to explore everything.

Thank you again for letting us spend so much time at your lovely place with your wonderful dogs.  We think that extra bonding time and learning your training methods made a tremendous difference yesterday. We’ll keep in touch and we’ll send pictures.

Brown and White Bordoodle - Mountain Rose
Borderdoodle vs Bordoodle vs Border Doodle - Google Trend 2004-2017
Yellow and Brown Bordoodles Dog Puppies - Mountain Rose Borderdoodles

Helpful Information When Accompanying Your Puppy on an Airplane.

Then why are people still calling their dog a Borderdoodle?

There’s a bit of confusion going on in the doodle world about the name of the Border Collie and Poodle Cross. One of the most frequent questions I receive is, “Why do you call your dogs "borderdoodles" on some places and "bordoodles" on others?” Well, there is a really good reason.

When the breed first became popular, most or all of the organizations that recognize this breed such as Continental Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry,  Dog Registry of America, and others named this dog the Borderdoodle and people came to know the breed as the Borderdoodle or Border Doodle. This seemed to make the most sense because it was crossed with the Border Collie and the Poodle.

Over the years, people began calling this breed the Bordoodle and this term started growing popular in the dog loving community. So one or two of the breed organizations switched the name to Bordoodle. This led the the rest of them eventually changing their registry names from Borderdoodles to Bordoodles. This has led to the technical term being the Bordoodle. You can know this is the true technical term, because it says so in wikipedia ;)  

​February, 2017

Brown and white bordoodle - Mountain Rose Bordoodles
Bordoodle Dog

As you can see from the chart above, The popularity of the term Borderdoodle has been losing the battle in popularity by a lot and Bordoodle is continuing to increase in popularity.

Now here’s the crazy twist you’ve read all this way to reach. It’s actually Border Doodle that’s winning the race on search engines. This means people googling to find out more about this breed are looking up the BorderDoodle over the other two terms. This means even though breeders and dog lovers know Bordoodle as the technical term, People creating content online have to adapt their content to match the terms people are searching the breed by and add this level of confusion by adding these three breed names just so people can learn more about the smartest doodles in the world.

Bordoodle News & Articles

Article By: The Poppe Family
A cross between Border collie and Poodle is known as "Borderdoodle" or "Bordoodle". These hybrid type dogs are the smartest dogs in the world. They are so easy to train. Learning commands in as little as five initial instructions. They are good in every climate. These are outstanding family dogs and so good with children and get along with domestic pets at home.

They also make superb service dogs. They are intelligent and happy dogs possessing a seemingly sixth sense, which is one reason why they are in such high demand as SERVICE DOGS. They are perfect as diabetic alert dogs and are so well suited for assisting the physically handicap with every days tasks like opening doors and drawers, picking up and fetching items and so much more.

Borberdoodles are said to have the reasoning ability of an 8 year old human. This is because of the cross of the Border Collie and Poodle who also possess the same attribute. Their intelligence along with their strong desire to please their owners makes the Borderdoodle the easiest to train of all doodle breeds.

If you’re looking for an exceptional eye-catching dog, ideally suited for families and kids, the Borderdoodle is your dog!