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Depositor Master List

If you wish to adopt Mountain Rose Borderdoodle puppy, you'l want to secure a pick position right away! Because Mountain Rose sets the bar for high for excellence in breeding, our puppies are adopted quickly, often before they are born.

The following families/individuals have secured the puppy pick positions noted below. Pick positions are determined by the date and time of deposit. When it comes time to pick your puppy at 7 weeks of age, the #1 depositor picks first, the # 2 depositor picks second, and so on...

By completing our Puppy Adoption Application and placing a $300 deposit, you are securing your priority pick of the litter. Your name will be placed on the list below showing your "pick position". Puppy priority picks are determined according to the date and time that your deposit is placed.   

EXAMPLE: The 1st depositor gets first pick, the 2nd depositor gets the second pick and so on. You will choose your puppy once the pups reach 7 weeks of age. Pups will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. 

You may change your litter of choice at any time. If you do change your deposit to another litter, you will be placed on the list at the next available open slot, as would be appropriate. 

If the mother of your chosen litter whelps less puppies than expected, resulting in a puppy not being available to you, you are welcome to a refund of your deposit or you can apply your deposit to another current or upcoming litter. 

*Deposits are NOT refundable except as noted above. **Deposits are always transferable to another current or future litter so long as you are not on a list of a current litter with puppies exceeding 2 weeks of age. 

Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age, unless they are being trained in which case they go home at 11 weeks.

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How To
​Reserve a Puppy

Keena's Litter:
#1 Jack (Slatyfork, WV)
#2 Foster (Polaris, MT)
#3 Post (Farmervile, LA)
#4 __________________________
#5 __________________________
#6 __________________________
#7 __________________________

May's Litter:
#1 Mountain Rose (breeder)
#2 Shapow (Los Angeles, CA)
#3 Jang (Hillsborough, CA)
#4 Sorenson (Sandy, UT)
#5 __________________________
#6 __________________________
#7 __________________________
#8 __________________________ 

In order to adopt a puppy from Mountain Rose you must first complete our Puppy Adoption Application. Once your application is approved and we have received your $300 deposit, your name will be added to the litter of your choice at the next available spot according to our Master List of Depositors.