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May & Fin's Litter

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We are proud to offer rare and exceptional Bordoodle puppies for sale. Our primary focus in our breeding of Bordoodles is to produce highly intelligent dogs with superb temperaments, eye-catching looks and a history of long life. These traits don't just happen by accident. We have spent many years doing research, performed DNA tests to help insure health and bloodlines, and we have tracked many of our puppies into adulthood.

​​Perfect Health
All of our puppies come to you healthy, clean and happy. We enthusiastically provide the following...
  • 2-Year Health Guarantee.
  • De-wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.
  • First vaccinations administered @ 6 weeks.
  • Health examination by a licensed Veterinarian.
  • A certificate of good health issued by licensed Vet.

Micro-Chip Identification 
All of our puppies are Micro-chipped for easy identification by Vets, Humane Society and independent animal welfare institutions. ***We will accommodate your request to not have your puppy micro-chipped if that is your wish.
What is socialization? Introducing and familiarizing a canine to new experiences, including people, places, objects and other animals in ways that help the dog learn how to respond to and interact with these experiences appropriately and without fear. On our small farm we provide our puppies with an environment that allows us to control the experiences of all new puppies. We implement daily routines of love and affection involving holding and cuddling. We expose our pups to other animals, other people (16 nearby grandchildren), new objects, new situations and individual walks on a leash. Because our adult dogs are treated with the utmost respect and given ample love and attention, our pups learn by observing their Mom's behavior and interaction with our family.
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing
To help you choose the perfect puppy, at 49 days of age we bring in a professional non-biased trainer who will perform a 
Volhard PAT  on each puppy. This test helps determine temperament traits of each individual puppy.  We think that every breeder should provide this test and make the results available to their potential puppy owners, but few do. The reason that breeders typically do not perform this test is because they don't want to take a chance on "labeling"  their puppies with temperament data that may distract from their pup's cute looks and quite possibly discourage a sale in some circumstances. Well, we believe that it is more important for us to match up the right puppies with the right homes than to just sell a dog.

Puppy Price - $2,500
​All puppies regardless of size, color or gender are $2,500.

Puppy Adoption Process
1) - Fill out a Puppy Adoption Application and choose to be placed on a list for a current or future litter, or select an available pup.
2) - Submit a $300 deposit (refundable if not approved).
3) - We will review your application (same day) and provide an approval for those whom we think can provide the highest level of potential happiness, love and safety for our pups.
4) Once your application is approved, we will contact you to discuss options on available puppies and/or upcoming litters.


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