To be considered for the opportunity to adopt a Mountain Rose Borderdoodle, you must first complete the Puppy Adoption Application below. Once you complete the Application we ask that you place a $300 deposit to secure a pick position. Puppy pick positions are determined by the time and date of deposit. 

If we have questions or concerns about your application, we will contact you right away. If we deny your application due to our own determination as to the potential safety and overall well being of the dog, we will notify you right away and immediately refund your deposit.

Bordoodle Puppies - Mountain Rose Borderdoodles

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Puppy Adoption Application

Email Address:
Physical Address:
Phone Number:
From what litter do you intend on selecting a puppy? May & Fin's Litter
Place me on your waiting list for a future litter
If you are choosing an existing available puppy, what is the name of the puppy?
Why are you adding a puppy/dog to your life?
Is this your first time owning a dog? Yes
How many dogs do you currently own?
What happened to the last dog you no longer own?
In what type of residence do you live? House
What is the size of your yard? I don't have a yard
Small yard
Average size yard
Large yard
Is your yard fenced? Yes - Fully enclosed
Yes - Partially enclosed
If you would like to provide us with any additional comments and/or information about your prospective new pup's future living environment, please do so here.
Will your new pup be primarily an indoor dog or an outdoor dog? Indoors
Why do you want a Borderdoodle?
Gender preference? Male
Does Not Matter
What color of puppy are you hoping for? Black
Black and white
Chocolate and white
Red and white
Peach and White
Not sure yet
Doesn't matter
Temperament is most important
Are you aware that in order to reserve a puppy from the above litter of your choosing, we require a $300 deposit? Yes
Are you aware that 100% of your deposit will be credited towards your puppy purchase? Yes
Do you need your puppy shipped? Yes
If shipping is required, what's your preference? Airplane
Open to discuss
I'll be picking up my puppy in person

Total cost for shipping by Air Cargo (unassisted) is usually $350. The cost for shipping using our Puppy Filght Nanny (your puppy flies in-cabin with our Puppy Flight Nanny) is $200 additional. We are able to arrange shipping to most areas of the US and Canada. We handle all details of shipping. You pay for the cost of shipping.

If shipping by air, to what AIRPORT?
How did you hear about us? Friend
Adopted a puppy from you previously
Saw one of your bordoodles out in the world
Internet Search
Social Media / Facebook
Other dog web site
Would you like to include professional obedience training for your puppy? ($1,800 Training Fee) Yes, I want my puppy fully trained.
No thanks, we'll do it ourselves.

TRAINING NOTE: When choosing to have your puppy fully trained, your puppy will be available for pick-up or delivery at the age of 11 weeks (untrained pups are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age). Your pup's training starts at 8 weeks of age and occurs 6 days a week twice a day for 3 weeks. Your pup will be leash trained, crate trained and obey commands of "sit", "stay", "down", "come", "no" and "okay".

Remarks, Special Instruction or Requests?



Puppy Adoption Application Form

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